Getting Noticed In The Right Way

(In The Right Place)

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When you’re leveling up your relationship expectations, you’re looking to attract higher-quality men. But you have probably heard this phrase, “you attract what you are, not what you want.” And it’s true! Which means the first step in attracting the right attention begins with a whole lotta self-care!


You must take care of yourself in the fullest sense. Take care of your body, eat right, invest in your appearance, consider therapy, go shopping.

Whatever it takes to make you feel GOOD.

It’s important that you feel confident and are projecting positive energy. The next step is setting your relationship goals.

This involves equal doses of visualization and self-inquiry. Imagine what your ideal partner looks like. Where does he work? What is his personality? Is he retired or an energetic entrepreneur? And check in about the kind of relationship best for you right now. Is it casual or serious? Do you want one partner or a roster? Is it sexually charged or platonic? Remember that there is no wrong answer.

You want what you want for a reason, so don’t spend too much time hassling yourself for big explanations. The point of doing both things is to gain clarity. I’m not exactly how the universe operates, and I’m very much grounded in reality. But there is an undeniably magic that occurs when you take the time to visualize and reflect.

So don’t skip it!

Top Tier Men And Where To Find Them?

I’m strategic with my relationships. You see, it’s not just a matter of where. It’s also a matter of why. Because when you focus on your why, things become clearer. Begin by asking yourself who you want in your life and how do they fit? Because yes, you get to decide!


The call with Taylor was worth it. I cannot believe how much I have learned. I actually think I can do this now. I have also been going through the follow-up notes from the call and WOW! This change in view of my relationships is mind-boggling. I’m no longer freaking out about attracting someone nor dreading asking. She got me focused on what I really want and how to attract my relationship around it. (Source: Clarity)

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While I’ve found high-quality partners everywhere, the most effective locations were environments that I already felt aligned with. For instance, I’m a big foodie.

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So I started my own meetup around dining out (using Why? People come together around food. And as the organizer, I could have my pick of the most eligible members.

I met men from various backgrounds and would send a direct message to select individuals. After all, I knew who I was looking to attract and designed a questionnaire that members had to fill out (unofficial vetting for the win!).
From there, I would grow a relationship if it aligned with my goals. Another strategic place that I also like? Golf ranges! But not any range. I go to ones that are high end but without membership. When you see someone swinging, ask them about their form. And go from there…

TIP: Keep in mind that when you go to a place frequently, people naturally get comfortable seeing you there. And you’ll get more comfortable too.

Honestly, I have so many examples of working the room. And I’ve helped clients of mine get strategic with their environment again and again.

Here’s how I’ve helped women like you get RESULTS:

Problem: Jennifer didn’t know the NFL player personally or even anyone linked to him, and he didn’t know she existed.
Success: She used a customized formula to get an in-person introduction (where he asked her for her phone number). Touchdown!

Problem: Kyra didn’t know any influencers in her field but wanted to leave university with high-quality connections (and friends in all the right places).
Success: She used my customized interview approach to attract the attention of decision makers and even ended up dating one of the wealthy men she met and interviewed.

Pay attention to this extremely effective tactic and old adage, friends in high places.

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Despite a shallow reputation for equality, the western world is quite segregated between class. Integrating into the world of the rich is not always easy.

If you’ve got a friend with access into wealthier worlds…maintain that relationship! An alternative route is online.

If you’re turning to the apps for a little help, remember that each dating site has its own look and feel. Especially when wanting to attract a specific type of person. If you were in the market to buy a BMW, you wouldn’t go into a Hyundai dealership, right? It’s the same for online dating…

  • Do you want more control over whom you talk to? You’ve got Bumble.
  • Want high-caliber singles? The League.
  • Seeking men who like to lead with their billfold? Millionaire Match.
  • Wanting a Sugar Daddy? You’ve got Sugardaddie & Seeking.

Remember that while location and online strategy is important, your intention and the energy you’re radiating out into the world…is even more so. You could bump into Mr. Right in a completely random location.

So keep your eyes open and your vibe high.

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Once you’re attracting the right attention, your main focus becomes steering the relationship in a way that works for you. Because to get what you want…you’ve got to know what you want!

Discover the REAL reason you need to stop settling for less.

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